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Wei Li first began practicing Chinese medicine at the age of 17, and she came to the United States with over 15 years of experience in TCM. Today, with nearly 50 years of expertise in acupuncture and herbal medicine, she continues to help patients all across the Pacific Northwest.

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Diseases of the Kidney & Bladder, by Wei Li et al.

Diseases of the Kidney & Bladder, by Wei Li et al., is the first English textbook and clinical reference to be published on the Chinese diagnosis and treatment of kidney and bladder diseases. Read the reviews for her book.

Medicine from the Roots of an Ancient Family Tree

Over five millennia of growth have transformed traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) into a remarkable field of therapy. Generations of physicians studied and interpreted the essence of nature and life throughout the dynasties, entrusting their knowledge to each coming generation. This tradition gave birth to the vast field of Chinese medicine known today. Perpetuating her family heritage, Wei Li inherited her father's knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine as practiced and refined by her forefathers over seven generations, and continues to expand her expertise through her research of traditional literature.

The Eighth Generation in a Lineage of Physicians

Wei Li, L.Ac.

While the youngest of four daughters, Wei Li earned the sum of her father’s knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. She was born in Hefei in the Anhui province of China. Wei Li took an interest in Chinese medicine from an early age, and began studying acupuncture and herbal medicine at the age of 12 under the tutelage of her father. Within 5 years of study, she opened her own practice in acupuncture and the prescription of herbal medicine. Since then she has studied many traditional treatises as well with considerable depth, including works that treat the fine details of acupuncture and of unique herbal remedies. . . . Read More

The Holistic Perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The philosophy of Chinese medicine defines the body’s health as a measure of balance in every organ’s yin and yang and in the flow of Qi throughout the body, wherein illnesses manifest from one or more imbalances. A physician of Chinese medicine bears in mind not only the patient’s symptoms but also the health of his or her whole body. Thus not only are the branches of the disease diagnosed and treated, but the roots of the disease as well.

Approaching an illness otherwise, by clearing away its branches without treating its roots, only stalls the symptoms, much like cutting down the stems of weeds while leaving their roots intact. Following from this, many diseases are treated by regularly prescribed medications for indefinite periods of time. On the other hand, by treating and dispelling the root of the disease, the likelihood of recurrences is considerably reduced. . . . Read More

Wei Li's primary clinic is located in the Gateway district of Portland. She also practices in Tigard and Salem. Please contact us for more information on Wei Li's schedule.

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